This is my first blog post for Crystal Gardens! Welcome, to those of you who are going to be following along. 🙂

On this blog, I am simply going to share how I make and use medicinal plants and medicines that I grow and harvest myself. I have celiacs disease, so that complicates my diet and I will also be sharing how herbs and medicinals can help with that and other diseases also.

Truly, this blog will be a testimony to how I have reversed my own health and the health of my children using natural medicines and techniques. God has given us an abundance of tools to use to do this too. I am unafraid to try new things and to be bold about the truth of how plants can heal us.

This month, my son and I will be traveling to Mt. Vernon, WA, for an Oregon Grape Harvesting Intensive. I already know all I can on my own about Oregon Grape, so I am excited to go into the field, especially with my son!, to learn from a pro on how to harvest better and about the extra health benefits that it gives that I do not know about.

 Oregon Grape from our mountain.

I am slowly starting a line of products that come directly from my own mountain harvesting or what I grow myself. Having the ability to do that insures that my processed products are always used with fresh and organic plants. I make custom herbal medicines for people already and I share on my facebook page what I am currently making and what it could be used for.

I am not an herbalist. I am a harvester, wild crafter, gardener and medicine maker. I do not and cannot diagnose, treat or comment on any specific ailment or disease. I do hope that you do your own research into what I post. If you find that one of God’s great tools that I can provide, can help you, then contact me and let’s see if we can work something out.

I am excited to have this little business all to myself!!! I am a family gal, so usually things are always done more together in our home. This is the first time I am venturing out into just being who I am and sharing that truth with others. (except no politics;) I am happy to grow slowly at my own pace and to be content with where my products end up.

Thanks for your support!




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